Mason represents a lifestyle that has weathered the storms of time and continues to infiltrate and inspire the youth.  Inspired in equal parts by the experiences of SKATBOARDING and by a long abandoned temple from which the line draws it name, Mason is a convergence of past and present, infused with the spirit and creativity of a rebellious community.  Eternally fearless, irreverent, and disruptive, we stand in defiance.
The Brand’s aesthetic is inspired by a derelict Masonic temple that stood unfinished for 75 years in downtown Providence, R.I., abandoned in the late 1920’s, it became a right of passage for local skaters, graffiti artists, and street kids to break in and leave their mark, making it a temporary sanctuary.  The temple was a place where the past and present converged through art and lifestyle.  The same sentiment permeates every stitch of Mason.